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Intrapreneurship or How to Develop Entrepreneurship Skills While Working for a Big Company

Entrepreneurship is not the only way to make a change and bring some positive vibes into the world. Being an entrepreneur is hard, requires time, skills, and effort that not every person has and would like to dedicate. However, there are other ways that can bring at least some of the joy of working on your own idea. “Intrapreneurship is ... Виж цялата публикация »

Corporate Wellness Programs: What really works?

Companies spend about $8 billon a year on wellness plans – but are they really worth it? Two experts, Jim Purcell, a leading U.S. consultant on wellness, and Bénédicte Lepère, Global SVP of HR at Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services, discuss the components of successful wellness programs and weigh out the benefits.   Why are wellness programs on the corporate agenda? ... Виж цялата публикация »

Becoming a digital Leader

Digital Anthropology of leaders — 6 steps to become a digital leader. Your phone, the lap top, the tablet — you are online. Almost 24/7. The way you communicate, socialize and even work has changed drastically. We are submerged in an era of digital teenhood and we are just beginning to understand the implications of our digital alter ego creation and maintenance. And we ... Виж цялата публикация »

Unlocking Unlimited Economic Growth

2 Free tips and hints for world leaders. Peace 2.0. No universal phenomenon stands isolated…unlocking unlimited economic growth is considered the holy grail for some aspiring speculants and has been on the search since the invisible hand of Alan Smith has caressed us. Now, some claim that unlimited economic growth has already been achieved trough the staggering overconsumption we sweat ... Виж цялата публикация »

“Leadership Secrets of the Rogue Warrior: A Commando’s Guide to Success “ -modern take.

Have you heard about SEAL Team Six? If you haven’t, well, these are the semi-humans, semi-combat-machines that took Ben Ladin down in “Operation Neptune Sphere” (but also have been dropped in the hottest war conflicts as of in Bosnia, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.).     ~Ladies and/or non-military fans you can skip the intro and go directly to the 7 ... Виж цялата публикация »